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Product Design
By transforming product ideas through innovative solutions from our experienced, inspiring and productive design team into worldwide recognizable commercial products, Uchi is your technical partner to walk you to the top.

Construction and Tooling Design
By maximizing production yield and cost-efficiency as goals in our design, we have been able to provide our customers the optimized construction and tooling designs that meet the specifications and requirements.


Software + Micro Controller + ASIC Solutions
Specialised in Sensing Circuits, Control Circuits, Touch Sensing Solutions, Optical Sensing Solution, Inverter Control Solution, Power Factor Correction Solution, Software + uC, ASIC Solutions

Integrating software, micro controller and custom-made ASIC based hardware has been recognized to be a cost effective way of providing better user interfaces, excellent processing capabilities and design flexibilities in commercial and industrial products. Uchi has gained its reputation over the years by empowering our customers' products, either a fully automatic coffee machine or a precision weighing scale, with our seamlessly integrated Software + Micro Controller + ASIC solutions.

Display Modules Solutions
Specialised in LED Dot Matrix Displays and TFT Display Modules Solutions

By providing a broad range of display solutions, whether a single LED or a complete controller-based display module,Uchi has been successfully helping our customers to bring better views and images of their applications to the world.

Manufacturing Services
With customers and partners ranging from household appliance makers to industrial product manufacturers, Uchi has been delivering OEM and ODM services with satisfactory results for products like fully/semi automatic coffee machines, electronic modules, bio-tech instruments, precision/industrial weighing scales, LED displays and has been able to maintain long term relationship/partnership with our valuable customers/partners. All our products are manufactured to lead-free production requirements and standards.


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